Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Friends!

We would like to sincerely thank you all. Thank you for your generous help, for your recommendation, for your advice and for your support, for the donations and sponsorships. THANK also on behalf of the people of the Congo, whom we could help, thanks to you. We greatly appreciate the generous support for our projects in the Congo and we thank all of you, our large KONGO-Family.

We need YOU so much!

  •  Kongo Social Care e. V. is a non-profit organisation that pursues exclusively charitable purposes. The goals of the association are recognised by the tax office and therefore we are entitled to issue donation receipts.
  • We are planning the construction of a modern clinic - the "Herbert Brauhardt Clinic" in Durba, which urgently still needs your help and support.
  • We need your recommendation to your colleagues and friends. With your support and through public relations, we would like to make better known the work of the Association Kongo Social-Care e. V.
  • All people committed to Kongo Social-Care e. V. are, of course, volunteers so that all funds are available for our projects.
  • By placing your sponsor logos on our association’s website, on all our flyers and on all our event material we want to show who supports and helps us. You are also welcome to use our LOGO on your documents.

Contact us and talk to us. Our Kongo-Family can only grow and continue helping people by working together.

Your contact for Press and Public Relations:

Doris Knaab


ONG ADEBES – Action pour le Développement et le Bien-Être Social
ONG ADEBES – Action pour le Développement et le Bien-Être Social
Karnevalistischer Frühschoppen der Jecken Jupp-Jemeinde Krefeld-Traar
Karnevalistischer Frühschoppen der Jecken Jupp-Jemeinde Krefeld-Traar
Tönisvorster Str. 19
D – 41749 Viersen

"ZWO G GmbH" is a company active in environmental protection. We work in the field of waste management and help that the different coloured waste containers (grey bin for residual waste, blue bin for waste paper, yellow bin for packaging, brown bin for organic waste and plant remains) are filled properly. Accordingly, we offer our service to the housing industry. Our clients finance our services by saving waste disposal fees.
In addition, we operate nationwide for a company that handles insurance loss. On behalf of the company, we provide the container provision, the transport of the waste and the recovery or proper disposal of the waste resulting from pipe water or fire damage.
For the name of the company, we have been inspired by the two-degrees target (Zwo G - two degrees). The 2 degree target describes the goal of international climate policy to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. We find that important and have manifested this target in the name of our society.
From the Parish Community.... For the Parish Community