Dear friends!

Non-profit-organization Kongo Social-Care e. V.

The civil wars of 1996 and 1998 have to this day negative impact on the entire population in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many young women have been sexually abused by the rebels and infected with the HIV virus. Sexual violence, particularly against women and girls, was systematically used as a weapon of war to destabilize the families. The number of children with AIDS and AIDS orphans is constantly increasing. Many children do not attend school. There is a lack of medicines and medical equipment. The most common diseases are malaria, tuberculosis, worm diseases, diarrhoea, meningitis, toothache, headache, appendicitis, etc. Also injuries such as fractures or even fatal injuries are common. Although the last civil war officially ended in 2003, the Congolese people are suffering a precarious and disastrous humanitarian situation, regarding the economic and social provision and especially the medical care.

The atrocities and the consequences of the civil war touched me deeply. I could not be at rest during my doctorate at the University of Bonn, while thousands of people in the Congo had no access to basic health services and medicines as well as no possibility to attend school. Against this background, I started Congo-health project in 2004. To help needy people in Congo-Kinshasa, help for self-help, I decided to found an association in 2014.

The members of the new association are German, French and Belgians. They met in Viersen (Germany) on 23 March 2014 to decide on the establishment of the association Kongo Social-Care e. V. It was registered on September 30, 2014 in the register of associations of the local court Mönchengladbach as a non-profit association.

Our logo

The logo shows a three-member family, symbolizing the unity of mankind. The shades of blue, red and gold correspond to the colours of the national flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, introduced after the ratification of the Constitution on 18 February 2006. Sky Blue stands for peace, red indicates the blood of the martyrs of the country and gold stands for prosperity.

Our slogan

The slogan “We take care ...” is the focus of our social work. The English word “care” is an important term in the social field and means aid, mindfulness, relatedness and nurture. The term “care” is multidimensional and actually comes from the ethics of mindfulness. With this in mind, it means above all affection or interaction between people. We take responsibility for the people in need in the Congo and put this idea into practice.

Our main concern is to help the needy people in Congo-Kinshasa (help for self-help) and to improve permanently their living conditions.

Our philosophy

We want to work for the dialogue between cultures and ethnic understanding. Furthermore, we want to show the positive side of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with their full vitality and life style.

We are committed to human as image of God. That's why we are ethically responsible to help people in need. The focus of this ethos is the uniqueness of human beings. This responsibility exists at the same time to the world and the environment, but also to God. Talmudic Ethics states: "A single evil action can destroy the whole world; a single good action can save the whole world ".

"We take care ...“  where our help is needed!

We look forward to meeting you soon

Best regards

Kongo Social-Care e. V.