I support the Project

Since 2004 many people support our Congo project. Their motivation and commitment are for various reasons. On this web page we report about the reasons why it is so important for these people to support the project.

Children sow hope for the people of Congo

Once in a year, when all the food is blessed, our church looks almost like at Easter. Over here there are things that the year gave us. There are gifts of nature, such as fruits and vegetables, bread, cereals and there are gifts that we received from people or gifts we gave ourselves. Things we learned and make our lives richer and expand our horizons. For all that we would like to thank in the service on October 5, 2014.

And someone else is here who would like to say thank you. You may remember him - Father Jean-Bertrand M. Badi OP. He was at the beginning of the Lenten season with us and told us about the country, where he comes from. We did many great things in order to donate Father Badi OP money to help people in his native homeland Congo-Kinshasa, you sold soup, popcorn and homemade things in the parish, washed cars and a lot more. In the summer, he was there and looked what he could do with the money. Today he is here and celebrates with us the Thanksgiving Service. Because harvest is what you get when you sowed something before. Father Badi is going to tell us more about this later.

Father Badi warmly thanked the children for their generous donation of € 1,040.35, which he is going to use in an absolute responsible way for the Herbert Brauhardt Clinic and in the health centres in Congo. This donation, he says, provides medicines and necessary medical devices as well as equipment for the maternity ward. And he stresses "Your solidarity means above all hope for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You sowed hope for the needy people in Congo with your donation".

Sr. Jordana Schmidt OP

Family Leader

Bethany Children's Village Schwalmtal-Waldniel

I support the project because

Dominicans have the task to preach God's love. How can you do better than by very active help in countries that most need it. This is the best sermon.

Although my fellow Father Badi OP lives and works here in Germany, he does not forget his brothers and sisters in Congo.

I wish him and the people of Congo his project continues to grow. So that medical care does not remain a luxury for the rich!

Support him with a donation!

Sincerely yours Sr. Jordana Schmidt OP

SOS Mother

Dominican of Bethany

Curriculum Vitae of Sr. Jordana OP

Sr. Jordana Schmidt (March 6, 1969 in Grevenbroich) is a member of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany, head of the educational department of the Bethany Children's Village Schwalmtal-Waldniel in Mönchengladbach and was one of the speakers of the programme “Das Wort zum Sonntag” (Short religious broadcast).

Sr. Jordana Schmidt OP is a children's nurse, graduated remedial teacher and system and family therapist. In 1990, she entered a Cistercian monastery and moved in 1994 to the Dominican Sisters of Bethany. From 1997, she graduated in special education at the Catholic University of Cologne and was trained for system and family therapist (DGSF – German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy). From 2002 to 2012 Sister Jordana worked as head of the educational department of the children's and youth village Schwalmtal-Waldniel, caring for about 90 children and young people of all age. Since 2012, she is no longer head of the educational department, but lives as SOS mother in one of the houses. From 2006 to 2010 she was one of the speakers of the programme “Das Wort zum Sonntag” (Short religious broadcast) on the ARD (German TV-channel). In autumn 2011, she travelled with the television presenter, Rainer Maria Jilg, to Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, the West Bank and Israel. The three-part television documentary was broadcast in March 2012 on ZDF-Digitalkanal, ZDF.Kultur and 3sat (German TV-channels). A year later also appeared the book "On a cup of tea in the desert: 11,000 km to Jerusalem” (German title: Auf einen Tee in der Wüste: 11 000 Kilometer bis Jerusalem).

Sr. Jordana Schmidt OP

SOS mother

Ulla Bienert

I support the Kongo-project because

Through Father Jean-Bertrand M. Badi OP, The Congo crosses actually the second time my life path. Is this a coincidence?

I have accompanied the construction of a school in Kinshasa for more than 30 years. A personal encounter was also decisive for this. Then as now I’m deeply touched by the descriptions of the difficult living conditions, especially for children. These circumstances made me consider what kind of contribution I could afford to improve the living conditions.

My commitment was or will be strengthened, because I know the people in charge of the projects, and therefore I know for certain that all financial support and any kind of help are used efficiently and effectively in an open and transparent manner.

I encourage you warmly to get involved in the Kongo-project.

Petra Birnbrich

I support the Kongo project.

Pater Badi has given us, me and our church, a lot during the two years of his pastoral ministry and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the full sense of the word.

Inspired by his happiness and tireless commitment to his birth home, I also want to support the project Kongo Social-Care e. V. and particularly contribute with my skills to the benefit of children.