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A new member of the Kongo Social-Care Association

We are extremely elated to announce that Nikolai Mevissen has joined our not-profit Group, Kongo Social-Care. In fact, Nikolai is not strictly new to the big family of Kongo Social-Care Group insofar as he was already with us since the start of the Kongo project and when I was awarded a doctorate degree from Bonn University in 2005.

Nik is married to Stefanie Mevissen. They live with daughter Clara in Süchteln, Germany. Nik and his family have been generously supporting the Project Kongo ever its inception. Following his studies in Management in the Netherlands, Nik worked as a consultant; and for 10 years he served a Project Management at the Waste Management firm in Cologne. Subsequently, he was appointed Operations Manager within the same company. Over the last two years, Nik has been working as an independent consultant providing valuable advice in the field of waste management and recycling. His company, known as CM Umwelt, is based in Tönisvorst (Germany). Stefanie is a school teacher at Körnerschule in Viersen and a head teacher for CE1; whereas Clara is in year at the Erasmus-von-Rotterdam Gymnasium in Viersen. The family enjoy travelling and spending time together with friends and family.

We are looking forward to carrying on working with Nik and we are immensely thankful for  his long-term commitment to the Kongo family.

Jean-Bertrand Madragule (Pater Badi O.P.)

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