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Appeal for Donations for the Construction of the Brauhardt Clinic

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends and supporters of the Kongo Social-Care e. V. association,

Fire engine: "Made in Congo-Kinshasa"

As you will remember, at our 4th meeting of friends and sponsors of the Kongo Social-Care e. V. association, it was reported that the historic fire-fighting vehicle has been in the workshop since January 2019 due to technical defects. The vehicle was not only completely dismantled, but the chassis was also adapted to create 20 seats and a trunk. In order to protect the metal of the chassis from environmental influences and especially from rust, the car was completely painted with red paint. With this new look, the fire engine really became "Made in Congo-Kinshasa". All repairs and the modernisation of the car are finally completed after four months which unfortunately involved considerable costs. The labor costs of 3,600.00 USD still have to be paid. The photos from the complete dismantling of the vehicle to the successful conversion can be found on our website under:

The beginning of the construction work for the Herbert Brauhardt Clinic

In addition, it was also reported that a small building had to be built for the in-patient treatment of patients and for the security of medical equipment. Although we don't have the total construction costs of 18.200,00 USD together yet, the construction work for the clinic Herbert Brauhardt in Durba has started. The building materials for the foundation have already been purchased. We have limited ourselves to the most important premises for the construction project. Accordingly, the following departments are planned: Outpatient, pharmacy, laboratory, surgery and an inpatient department.

Also on behalf of the board of the Kongo Social-Care e. V. association, I would like you to consider the importance of the current measures and ask you kindly for your support for the new building of the Brauhardt Clinic.

Donation Account:

Account Holder  Kongo Social-Care e. V.
Donation Account  Sparkasse Krefeld
IBAN  DE15 3205 0000 0000 277004
Purpose  Hospital Construction

The donations are tax deductible.

My thanks go to all those who help with your donation and thus guarantee the implementation of our projects. Thank you for your loyalty and that you again and again show a heart for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Dr. Jean-Bertrand Madragule Badi (Pater Badi OP)

Chairman Kongo Social-Care e. V.

Bochum on May 09, 2019

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