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Medical Equipment for the Brauhardt Clinic in Durba

After the 3rd Advent Bazaar one probably already speaks of "tradition", nevertheless the decision to keep it up must first grow. Veronika B. thought about it for a long time, because tradition does not necessarily mean continuation according to the old pattern, but also includes integration of new ideas.

So, the decision matured to focus this year's bazaar primarily on a get-together of friends and acquaintances.

Yes, many, many came, they helped eagerly, brought food, baked on site and so on… But that was not all. Veronika couldn't resist and put her handicraft ideas into practice after all for a long time. Neighbours and friends were encouraged to "join in" and were able to fill the displays.

On the 2nd Sunday of Advent 2022, visitors streamed in around 3:00 pm and marvelled at the wide range of offerings and the rich selection of food and beverages. The age range of the guests was from ½ to 86 years. A small jazz band always hit the right pre-Christmas note to entertain the guests.

Veronika would like to thank all participants for their willingness to help and their very generous donations. As all helpers waived their expenses, the amount of € 1300 could be transferred to the donation account of Kongo Social-Care e. V.. Urgently needed medical equipment for the Brauhardt Clinic in Durba - a small step.

Jean-Bertrand Madragule Badi
Liège, December 19th 2022

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