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Report on the 3rd Sponsor's Meeting in Krefeld

It has meanwhile become a tradition that members, supporters and friends of the association Kongo Social-Care e.V. meet once a year. On April 28, 2018, the 3rd Sponsor's Meeting took place in the parish St. Josef in Krefeld-Traar in the time from 3 pm to 6 pm. At the beginning, Mrs. Ursula Bienert, who hosted a well-organized reception and physical well-being, invited the sponsors of the association to introduce themselves.

While having coffee and cake, Father Badi OP gave a brief overview of the association’s activities and work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Due to the massive and unstoppable termite infestation, there is great concern that the wooden buildings of the Brauhardt transition clinic in Durba might one day collapse. But instead of thinking of building a complete new hospital, it should be primarily considered the construction of a small new building for the inpatient treatment as well as for securing medical devices.

The highlight of the get-together was the report about the donation of the historical fire-fighting vehicle from Tönisvorst to the transition clinic Brauhardt in Durba. In this context, Mr. Michael Mevissen suggested: One should set up a sponsorship team, which is responsible to ensure that the fire engine remains in its long-term function as ambulance for the clinic. In the further course, Mrs. Petra Birnbrich and Mrs. Petra Deißmann each handed over to Father Badi OP for the Congo projects part of the proceeds from the "Sternsinger" campaign and the donation by "Jecken Juppis", a carnival group from the municipality of St. Josef.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have three more sponsors as new active members for the association Kongo Social-Care e.V. The new members are: Mrs. Maria Augustinowski and Elisabeth Albers from Bochum. Both of them also agree to take over a Congo child sponsorship. The third new member is Mr. Gregor Baumeister. Mr. and Mrs. Baumeister organized the Advent bazaar 2017 together with the parish of St. Hubertus in Krefeld and the proceeds were of the benefit of the association Kongo Social-Care e. V.

A series of impressive photos, prepared by Father Badi, gave everyone a lasting impression of the current situation.

At the end we thanked all sponsors and Mrs. Ursula Bienert and her team, who warmly welcomed us. It was a relaxed and successful 3rd Sponsor's Meeting, which was characterized by a cordial coexistence among the participants.

At the end, the group gathered for the common photo and prayer that was spoken in honor of the Mother of God.

Jean-Bertrand Madragule Badi (P. Badi OP)


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