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Solidarity in times of Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Sirs,
Dear friends and supporters of Kongo Social-Care e.V.,
"The world is on fire!" This saying is certainly not unknown to you. It appears in song lyrics or on book titles. Most recently, the climate activist Greta Thunberg used it in Davos to draw massive attention to the consequences of climate change.

But the picture "The world is on fire" also describes well what is currently happening on our planet due to the Coronavirus pandemic. To stay in the picture, the media report daily on new "hot spots". The situation in Europe is frightening. The figures from Italy are frightening, and the development in Germany is making us more insecure every day. The measures decreed by the government to slow down the spread of the disease show us the seriousness of the situation.

But the corona virus is simply unstoppable, and so it has already reached the African continent. According to the Wiener Zeitung of 20.3.2020 it has already spread to 27 of 49 countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). The DR Congo could hardly breathe a sigh of relief regarding the end of the Ebola epidemic when the state is threatened again by the next disaster and a new challenge for medical care.

And against the background of this expected critical initial situation, we look, dear friends and supporters, with great concern at Durba, because the now extremely important completion of the Herbert Brauhardt Clinic could not be completed so far due to depleted financial resources.

As you already know, we were able to complete the roof of the clinic in December 2019. This completed the shell construction. Subsequently, eight metal doors and ten metal windows "Made in Congo" were produced and installed on site. The interior and exterior walls could also be painted in the meantime.

However, in order to be able to finally start normal hospital operations, and especially to be prepared for the expected corona pandemic, the following final work must now be carried out as quickly as possible:

  • the laying of flooring,
  • the insulation of ceiling
  • the installation of electrical equipment and
  • the painting of doors and windows.
Installation of doors and windows in the Herbert-Brauhardt Clinic
Installation of doors and windows in the Herbert-Brauhardt Clinic

The total cost of the pending work is EUR 8100. Looking at this amount, each of us will have to swallow first. But even in Congo, everything has its price when it comes to meeting all the quality and hygiene standards for a hospital. Let us now remember that we are a strong community that has shouldered many an unattainable goals since the project began.

A small calculation example can take away a little bit the first impact and show that even with manageable donations it is possible to get ahead in Durba:

If one takes the total amount of 8100 euros and converts it to the 136 square meters of the clinic building, then 1 square meter costs in the last construction phase "only" just 60 euros.

Perhaps this example invites you to contribute to the completion of one or the other square metre, so that the opening and inauguration of the new clinic comes closer. Precisely because of the fear that Durba will soon be one of the "hot spots" in the corona crisis, your donations will be a sign of solidarity with the doctors and nursing staff, whose work in the completed clinic would be much easier.

In the event that the last construction phase can be financed from the donations and there is still money available, it is planned to purchase respiratory masks and protective clothing for the clinic staff.

In a prayer in the Corona Crisis, to be found in the Lenten Calendar of the Kolping Society Cologne of March 20, 2020, it says among other things:

"With all our hearts we ask that the medical facilities
can continue to meet the abnormally high requirements.
We pray that the number of infected and sick people will decrease
and hope for an early return to familiar normality.
"We ask longing for a worldwide containment of the disease."

Let's make our contribution and join in as "fire fighters". Let us remain united in prayer and together bear responsibility for the clinic project.

All the best and God's blessing! Stay healthy!

Dr. Dr. Jean-Bertrand Madragule Badi (Pater Badi OP)

Chairman Congo Social-Care e. V.

Bochum, March 23, 2020

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