Three Highlights of Kongo Social-Care Association

On Thursday, 18th January 2024, Father Badi O.P. and I met in the morning at the Mevissen family home in Süchteln. Despite the snow and ice, Father Badi O.P. had driven for more than two hours to get there. After a fruitful conversation with Michael Mevissen, we enjoyed some delicious bread rolls lovingly prepared by Mrs Cordula Mevissen. We then made our way to an aid organisation called “Action medeor” in Tönisvorst, where we had an appointment at 1.30 p.m. with Mrs Gaby Reetz. Mrs Reetz is a long-standing member of staff who is celebrating 50 years of service within organisation this year.

We discussed with her the possibilities for broadening and deepening the collaboration between our association and Action medeor. Mrs Reetz explained to us the extent to which aid to African countries is made more difficult and more costly, because of excessive bureaucracy. It's a real shame, but we're not letting it discourage us. Finally, we were able to take a look at Action medeor's warehouse, where a lot of medical equipment and medicines are stored. We were particularly impressed by a mobile dental treatment station. We also inquired about an incubator, which could perhaps one day be useful for our hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to provide better care for premature babies.

From Action medeor, we visited the Baumeister family in Krefeld and presented a certificate to Ms Christa Baumeister and her late husband, who are now both honorary members of our association. We chatted happily in a harmonious atmosphere over water, coffee and pastries.

Father Badi O.P. wanted to continue on his way to Bochum, and if possible before dark. So, I returned home to the beautiful town of Wegberg-Dalheim.

All in all, the day was a great success for everyone involved.

Dr. Klaus Kuypers, M.D.

Vice-Chairman of Kongo Social-Care Association