Merry Christmas 2023!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends of the Kongo Social-Care Association,

Ceremonial inauguration of the St Barbara Clinic in Kinshasa

On Saint Barbara’s Day, 4 December, the health authorities of the Lemba urban health area in Kinshasa permitted us to open the Saint Barbara Clinic. After almost 8 months of waiting, we are pleased to inform you that the Saint Barbara Clinic was inaugurated on December 6, 2023, Saint Nicholas’ Day. A gift from St Nicholas!

Accompanied by three Dominicans, Father Dr Cyrille Kombelo O.P., a doctor, celebrated the Eucharist at the clinic’s inauguration ceremony. In addition to the clinic’s staff, the event was attended by the mayor’s representative, the office manager of the health authorities of the Lemba district, the head of the Lemba-Livulu district, and invited guests. The office manager first welcomed all the staff of Saint Barbara Clinic in Lemba Municipal Health Area. Secondly, he expressed his wish that the clinic staff could participate in the activities organized by his department. Regarding our health infrastructure, the office manager said that the clinic would provide high-quality healthcare not only to the residents of Lemba but also to the entire population of the City Province of Kinshasa. A festive dinner with Congolese food and drinks ensured the guests’ physical well-being. Finally, a guided tour of the St Barbara Clinic’s services rounded the inauguration ceremony.

Next, an awareness-raising campaign will be carried out in the first few days to publicize the clinic. Patients will come for free treatment and only pay for their medication. We are delighted that the clinic has finally opened its doors to receive the sick, treat them, and alleviate their suffering.

This great project could only be realized with your financial support. I would like to personally thank the members, friends and supporters of Kongo Social-Care e. V. Every time I have written to you to ask for your support for the Kongo project, you have always responded positively and often discreetly. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We still have many projects that we can realize together. In African terms: “You don’t wash your face with one finger but with your whole hand.” In the coming days, our long-standing association partner Action medeor e. V. will send the portable colour Doppler ultrasound system C5 EXP (8,105.00 euros) to Kinshasa N’Djili Airport. Thanks to your support, we were able to raise about 50 % of our own contribution. All the medical equipment in the clinic requires constant electricity. The staff would like to have an electricity generator or a solar system to ensure the smooth running of the new clinic.

Words of thanks on my 60th birthday

Your coming was and is the best gift to me. Even those of us who could not come to Liège, were all united in spirit and prayer. The joyful encounter with you on my 60th birthday still resonates with me. I thank you for everything that was given to me through your presence - the prayer, the melody of the African songs, the celebrations and the food, the talking to each other and the gift! In the invitation for my 60th birthday, I asked you to refrain from giving me personalized gifts. Instead, I was delighted to receive a birthday donation forwarded to the charity organization Kongo Social Care (KSC). You have been very generous and donated 8,760.85 euros. This donation was used to purchase medical equipment for the laboratory, hospital beds and mattresses, office chairs for the clinic, chairs for the clinic waiting room, medicines and ultrasound equipment.

The whole thing exceeded my expectations. When I close my eyes, you are all standing in front of me and I feel a sense of gratitude towards you. And what can I give you? I promise to pray for you - as a Dominican should, using the rosary with which my day begins and ends. A day has 24 hours. My day is divided into three parts: I spend eight hours praying, eight hours working and eight hours sleeping! This is my secret to staying young!

I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession and help for you and your families.

Subsequent words of thanks!

Thanks to the support of many men and women, we can continue and expand the successful work of the Kongo Social-Care Association in my native country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. On behalf of the entire organization board, I would like to thank all our supporters for their regular donations and other forms of support.

And on behalf of Kongo Social-Care e. V., I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Advent, a Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2024.

All the best, and may God’s blessing descend on you and remain with you forever. Stay healthy!

Father Badi O.P.


Ceremonial inauguration of the St Barbara Clinic in Kinshasa


Words of thanks on my 60th birthday